ZAYTOUN from Palestine – Medjoul Dates – ‘The King of Dates’

 Up for review today are the 'not so' humble Medjoul Dates by Zaytoun. My first product review in fact (feel free to critique me below). Why not humble you ask? Well, The Medjoul (or sometimes spelt Medjool) Dates are known as the 'King of Dates'.

And there's no doubt, once you open up the well branded box, why the dates have been designated as the choice of royalty. The first thing to notice is the size. If like me, your used to buying dates usually during Ramadan, (and lots of them) you'll notice that this date is twice the size of most other dates on the market.

Now for the taste test......soft, fleshy, gooey and moreish. Close your eyes and you get a definite taste of caramel. So much so, you have to remind yourself that you’re eating something that's good for you. Having only one is out of the question. In fact, you'll find yourself having to ration yourself, else a box can be consumed in no time at all.

One of the best ways to eat the dates are as a delicious, luxurious, high end snack (can you see my crown jewels sparkling?). Other ways include chopping up and using as a topping to rice pudding as well as using in all varieties of baked goods (cakes etc.). My personal favourite is to eat with bananas, washed down with full fat, filtered milk.

Zaytoun has done a good job with the packaging of their products, with the dates being no exception, each having a premium feel. The dates boxes have a small window allowing the onlooker to salivate at the idea of devouring the succulent goodness (more on this below).

One thing to watch out for, depending on the weather, is that the sugars can come to the surface of the date making them look almost frosted. The dates still taste just as good, but you want to make sure you get a good look at the dates, especially if buying for someone else.

Which brings me onto my next point.....these dates are a fantastic gift item. Premium, clean packaging, tasty, and to top it all off, they are healthy. How can you go wrong? Dates are a great source of fibre, and are jam packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

So now you've got a warm fuzzy feeling because you’re eating a sweet that's nutritious. If that wasn't enough, the warm fuzziness continues as these dates are traded fairly and help the economic situation of local Palestinian farmers.

Chocolates and flowers are a thing of the past. Buy some Medjoul Dates to show some love!